The next generation in smart, intergrated lighting control.

Superior, secure and robust wireless communication to automate lighting control in any building.

Zano Hub
Direct Connection Icon
Direct Connections

Switches still connect directly to the lights so also work without the hub

Safe and secure icon
Safe and secure

Using AS128 encryption

Daylight saving icon
Daylight saving

Automatically reduce light level during the working day reducing energy costs

Energy saving icon
Energy saving

Sensors switch off or reduce light levels if rooms are not used

Smart PIR Icon
Smart PIR

Extra features over and above all standard PIRs. Fully customisable via our app

Emergency lighting control Icon
Emergency lighting control

Tuneable run-time. Automatic alerts. Automatic fault notifications. Automatic testing and reporting

Emergency lighting battery management Icon
Emergency lighting battery management

Automatic battery status reports. Automatic battery failure alerts. Patent protected dual battery option to allow for continuous protection. Offering your customer high-end lighting control without the huge investment

Circadian lighting Icon
Circadian lighting

Let your customer enjoy the health benefits of Circadian lighting

UK Building Regulations introduced in April 2019 now enforce automated lighting in commercial buildings.

The Zano hub enables commercial buildings to comply simply and affordably. Communicating independently via Zano 868 radio meaning there is no reliance or problems associated with WiFi.

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