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The world's first 80,000hz LED driver, eliminating light flicker for good.

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Zano Ultra

Total lighting control

Brought to you by the team that introduced the first digital dimmer, the first off the shelf multi-point dimming solution and the first product that can dim between 0-1000W/VA LED.

Tried and tested Zano technology: offering your customer high-end lighting control without the huge investment.

And it's perfect timing...

From 1st September 2021 a new EU directive comes into force stating that there is a maximum level of allowable flicker from an LED light source. It is now recognised that flicker has a negative effect on the human nervous system. The majority of LEDs currently being sold do not comply with the new regulations to eliminate flicker. Light fittings sold from the 1st September 2021 must comply
with the new regulations.

Zano Ultra eliminates flicker completely.
Why does this matter?

“It is certain that the alternating component (flicker) has a negative effect on the nervous system of Humans the alternating component is a stress load for the nervous system”

Peter Erwin, European Directive study, LED Professional.com
Flicker caused by drivers is wreaking havoc on our health.
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